Useful links and information for going Foreign and what you need to do !


1) Fill in a flight plan using Afpex

Link to new NATS AFPEX Flight Plan Website

To speak to NATS AFPEX Helpline 01489 612792

On-Line AFPEX Training Module

Simple Guide to using AFPEX


2) Submit a UK Customs Gendec (GAR)

U.K Customs form

Flights notified for Customs & Immigration purposes should be sent to: (Put GAR, Registration and Airfield in the Subject of the Email)
Outbound to EU – no obligation to notify, Inbound to UK 4 hrs.


Outbound or Inbound Channel Islands 12 Hours notice.
Instructions for GAR/GENDEC Including Special Branch



3) You may have to notify destination customs  depending on where you are going.

For Example,Calais Customs

Or Le Touquet

4) Look for your destination Airfield plate in France

French Airfield plates.

Select Airfield from drop down or enter ICAO of airfield.
Then click on VIC (for VFR), IAC (for IFR) or Arr/Dep

5) Check the weather

Weather and Webcams.

French Weather site.

Check French NOTAMS

6) Fly to France ensuring you have your Licences & Medical.
 The Aircraft Airworthiness & Reg docs, Radio Licence, Insurance Cert , Passport, Interception procedures.

ARRIVE IN FRANCE - Close Flight plan 0810 437 837 (“0810 IFR VFR”)

Toussous Le Noble France.

7) Come home and fill in your drawback form.

Drawback form.